Noonan’s Sports Bar and Grill

I am sorry that I haven’t been writing lately. Life has been so hectic, but I have still been trying out new places to share with all of you!

Noonan’s I feel like is a hidden gem in Aurora.  It is a sports bar attached to a golf course.  You are probably thinking golf course food is gross, and you are right, but Noonan’s is not golf course food!   Their menu is huge with so many options spanning different types of food.  They have great happy hour and specials throughout the week. The staff is hit or miss.  Sometimes you get a great server and other times you get a server who loses your card and makes you charge another one. Smh.

The food is where it is at. I haven’t had a single bad thing here from tacos to crab cheese wontons and they even have breakfast! Again, huge menu! Excellent food.  They also show UFC fights there at no cost and have drink specials. You are welcome!

Below are pictures of my latest jaunt down to Noonan’s.  One is bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers served with a chipotle ranch. The other are the crab cheese wontons stuffed with jalapeno cream cheese over strips of lettuce.




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