Brunch At Breckenridge Farmhouse

Okay, I have to say that if you go to the Farmhouse and DON’T get the nice little farm salad, then I am not sure what is wrong with you. This is seriously one of the best salads in the world and yet it is so basic. By far the best thing on the menu. The buttermilk ranch is so creamy and give the veggies just the right touch. This time I tried it with some grilled chicken on top.  It was really good, but taste better without the chicken actually. The chicken is more for filler. My fiance got the peach bread pudding french toast.  If you want something super sweet and gooey, I would recommend getting that. It was covered in almonds and blackberries oozing all over the plate. Yes, dessert for brunch.

The place gets busy, so I suggest getting reservations. And I don’t think they take reservations of 7 or more, so beware. I have had nothing but great service from the bartenders and servers each time I have gone. They have been fantastic with suggestions! I love this brewery, even if they are now owned by Anheuser Busch.





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