Islamorada Fish Company at Bass Pro Shop

When you walk into a Bass Pro Shop, you don’t expect to find an excellent seafood restaurant hidden inside do you? At least I didn’t. But alas! There it be! The Islamorada Fish Company. I have now been to this beautifully decorated and spacious place twice. Once I sat at the bar and enjoyed some beers and an appetizer, the second time, full on meal and cocktails. Both were great experiences. They have a few choices of local craft beers to enjoy while staring at a giant fish tank filled with pretty fish jolting around chasing each other. On the first occasion I knew I had to try the alligator option that was on their appetizer menu. I wasn’t that hungry, but I had only had alligator at one other place and felt the need to compare. OMG, it was tender and breaded well with a spicy breading.  Served with a neon green sauce that words cannot describe. The appetizer portion was quite large for sharing and we struggled to finish it.  They also offer a dinner sized portion and I can only imagine how big that is. That evening before we left, I threw my business card in their fish net up front to have a chance to win a free meal. I won!

The second time we sat in the dining area and were greeted by an awesome server, who sadly I don’t remember his name. He was on the ball! Quick with suggestions on drinks and food choices.  I was eyeballing the mahi mahi on the menu the first time we went so of course, I had to get it this time. Served over rice pilaf, fresh veggies and a slice of pineapple. I usually have a hard time finishing a meal, but this whole thing was gone. The fish fell apart and melted in your mouth leaving hints of the teriyaki flavor behind. My mouth is watering thinking about this right now. I love this place! Great atmosphere, great food, fantastic service and quiet. This is a must for Denvites to check out!





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