The Berkshire in Stapleton

Do you like bacon? Do you like PBR? Well, this is the place for you.  I stumbled upon this deal one morning after going to the Stapleton Farmer’s Market. I had heard of the Berk, but this was my first time in. After glancing over the menu and not much sounded good because I just wasn’t that hungry, a piece of the menu started to glow! It said Hangover Special… a plate of bacon and a PBR beer for $8. Yes please!!! The bartender was phenomenal and made sitting at the bar a great enjoyment. I sat there staring at the beautiful plate of bacon and all I could think was, why don’t more places have something like this?  It is magical.  Everyone loves bacon, well, except for those crazy vegetarians out there. I was in hog heaven. Get it? Hog heaven? Okay, enough about that.  Go check out the Berk and eat some of their delicious bacon!




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