Komotodo Sushi Burrito

I love sushi so much. It is my second favorite food of all time. (shhh don’t tell them that tacos are my fav, they might get mad) The sushiritto is a fantastic concept that I am not sure why it didn’t come up many many years ago.  My first one I had was a cute place in Vegas called Ramen Ya. When I heard that Denver got itself a sushiritto place, I had to go. The space is super tiny. This makes it difficult to eat inside, especially when it is raining cats and dogs like it was the day I went. I was carbing up for a beer festival and thought a large consumption of rice is the way to go.  We went with the spicy poke tuna and the chunky sumo to split and share. Both were really good, but I felt like they were trying too hard with the ingredients. They don’t have to be crazy rolls. Some people would just love an Alaska roll sushiritto, but everything on their menu has things like mango and lettuce and pickled cabbage in them. I think that they could take a step back and make some basic ones for the people that don’t need all of that. Honestly, I know some people who would just love a giant California roll. Otherwise, cute place. It would be good if they opened one in the burbs somewhere that people can park at and sit down for dinner.





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