Thirsty Lion Cherry Creek

I hadn’t known that a new Thirsty Lion opened when we were walking by Cherry Cricket to grab something to eat. They were open for brunch so we figured we would stop in and check out the new digs. There were just a few people dining at 11am on a weekend and I was a bit shocked since I thought everyone brunches in Cherry Creek.  We were seated and started to go over the menu.  I honestly just felt like a basic brunch that day, nothing too crazy. I got the eggs, sausage and potatoes. The chefs put bacon on my plate instead, but the server, Jessica, was amazing and brought some out immediately. My fiance got the Irish whiskey french toast. A little rich for my flavor, but overall it was really good.  The manager, Michael, came over and checked on us a few times.  Great service all around. Everyone seemed to like their job and want to be there.  The food was good and came out very quickly.  My only complaint is that their beer prices are a bit high for local Denver beer.




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