Torchy’s Tacos Grand Opening

I heard about Torchy’s opening in Greenwood Village and decided to leave work early to check out the grand opening party. The line was insanely long. Most people wouldn’t understand the love for tacos.  They understood this love so they handed out cups of water and you could grab some chips with salsa, queso and guacamole to munch on while you wait. There were definitely some interesting folks in line. I am glad that I had patience for some tacos because I would have left based on the people around me. I am very happy that I held out and waited the 2 and half hours to get to the door. Once in, each person is given 2 tokens for any drink on the menu. Then each person is able to pick 2 tacos of their choice on the menu. I had been to the location on Broadway once before and tried 3 different tacos. I figure since this was my chance to get free tacos, might as well go crazy. I went with the Dirty Sanchez and the green chile pork trashy style. Okay, first of all they were both good, so not to talk down the dirty Sanchez, but the green chile pork trashy style was the best taco I have ever had. I couldn’t imagine a better one. I am not usually much of a pork fan in my taco, but this was absolutely out of this world! It was so messy and oozing out of the sides, dripping with amazing queso! AHHHHH now I want one!! SO WORTH THE WAIT! At this point my two favs are the green chile pork and the fried avocado. Both are amazing. I am so glad that more locations are popping up so that everyone can try these delicious tacos.





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