Sol Cucina Cherry Creek

A new place to check out in Cherry Creek…okay! My girlfriends and I stopped in to check this place out on a Thursday afternoon after work. Parking was horrendous. I would suggest either valet your car, or take an Uber. Parking anywhere on the street is not worth it. We walk in and the place was super packed. We were lucky to find 3 places at the bar and sat down. Guacamole to start was the first thing we decided on. Talk about a small portion and one tortilla chip in it. One! We had to ask for a basket of chips. How are you supposed to eat all of your guac with only one chip? After that was settled, two of us got the tortilla soup and the other got the beet and watermelon salad. The food was terrific. The bowl of soup was extremely large compared to other restaurants and tasted very good. My friend loved the salad as well. The service was a bit slow for having what seemed like 100 people working.  I just think they haven’t gotten all of the kinks out yet. When I asked for a to go bowl for the rest of my soup, the bartender replied that they didn’t have those. Apparently not prepared for people to take soup to go. They ended up putting it in a to go cup and shrink wrapping the crap out of it. It worked, but was awkward.  Overall, I think this place will be great once they get going and used to the traffic.





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