Clock Tower Grill

I lived near Clock Tower for years and now I truly miss it. I was within walking distance and it became my go to bar near my home. Over the years their menu has gotten better and better. Each time I go now, I try to get something new. This particular time I had to go with the tacos. I decided I needed some variety so I got a chicken taco, a beef taco and a pork taco. I feel this was a fantastic decision and it fulfilled my taco loving stomach. The chicken taco was the best and most flavorful. You don’t have to get tacos though.  They also have a great French dip with a salty aus ju, large fantastic chicken nachos and a great juicy burger. I feel like anything you get on the menu, you can’t go wrong with. The staff is always super friendly. They have a ton of large TVs for sports watching and karaoke on Fridays with an amazing singer Jon Kibble. If you are down south in the Lone Tree area, this is a must try sports bar.




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