Twin Peaks Arapahoe

From the first day that they opened till now, I would say this place has gone down hill. Not horribly, but certain things to have lost the appeal. The girls are one. They went from an A squad team of girls that loved their job and were always having fun at work to girls who look like they had a struggle to get ready that day and don’t care about their job at all. The food has gone down hill as well. They take things on and off the menu, making it difficult to go there for a specific dish and then find out it is no longer available. The ground beef tacos are my biggest loss. The green beans are the only thing that has stayed on the menu that I love and always order. This last time when I went to Twin Peaks, we were there to watch a Broncos game and grab some dinner. Since the tacos are gone and so is the Mile High Club sandwich, I went with something different. I got a dish that came with grilled shrimp, a blackened piece of catfish and a fried piece of catfish paired with the amazing green beans. The shrimp and green beans were awesome, but the catfish was another story. The fried piece was soggy and lacked flavor. The blackened piece was greasy, sitting in a pool of oil. This wasn’t very appetizing. I will say the only thing consistent with this place is the ice cold beer that they are famous for.






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