Beau Jo’s Idaho Springs

Every time I am in Idaho Springs, I have to eat at Beau Jo’s. This is the only location I have been too. Others have told me that the locations in the Denver area just aren’t as good, and well, I believe them. Not much beats a Rocky Mountain pie with a Tommy Knockers beer. My favorite pizza there is the skier Mike’s mountain pie. This beautiful pie has Canadian bacon, grilled chicken, green bell peppers and mozzarella cheese. So delicious!  I would suggest trying a few different pizzas. They have a bunch of great options. At the end of your pizza, you have to enjoy some honey on your crust as dessert.

The staff is always great and enjoy their jobs. The beer is a flowing with great options from Tommy Knockers Brewery. The bottomless salad bar is an awesome choice too! My only real complaint is that they are a bit pricey.  I ordered a large pizza with build your own toppings and it literally cost $70. Never again will I do that.



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