A Town Pizza

This has seriously become one of my by far favorite pizza places. I can’t speak enough about the amazing staff there.  They are funny, entertaining, great with suggestions, super fast and they handle pressure pretty well. I have been there when it is dead and I have been there on National Pizza Day. They get it. They get it right. If they mess it up, they do it again. Miranda is my fav! She always has a good attitude and is so great at her job.  Fantastic staff!

The food is also amazing. If you like thin crust pizza with a shit ton of garlic on it, this is your place. They don’t charge extra for putting garlic on your pizza and I usually get a shit ton. I even tell them that. One day they suggested we try the green ski. They are Anaheim peppers sliced open and stuffed with pancetta, cream cheese and drizzled with BBQ sauce. OMG! You have to get these!!! I can’t go now without getting at least one order. On top of all of this amazingness is that they have great beer selections. Usually local beers and have variety to pick from. I ❤ this place so much. Keep up the good work guys!!






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