La Cueva

I judge Mexican restaurants by 2 things. The first is their tacos. The second is their chicken enchiladas. When I went to La Ceuva I was carbing up for a beer festival so I decided on chicken enchiladas to fill my belly.  The staff were friendly and the place was kinda dead. A little shocking for a Saturday afternoon. They have a ton of articles and awards on the wall, but they are all from many years ago. Nothing seemed to be recent. I ordered the chicken enchiladas with no rice or beans. It arrived and looked interesting.  They cook cheese enchiladas and then throw chicken on top then smother it with more cheese.  A little strange to me.  This basically tells me that the enchiladas are probably premade and then they just throw it together based on what people order. I actually wasn’t a fan. The sauce lacked in flavor and so did the chicken. There was so much cheese that it overpowered everything else. Not sure if I will be back since there are a ton of Mexican restaurants in the area to pick from.




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