Broken Rice

I attended a Friends and Family Night for a new restaurant opening this week. This Asian fusion type restaurant has an interesting menu from pho, to pad thai, to kung pao. We started with the shrimp fresh rolls, which are basically spring rolls. They tasted like any other spring rolls, but the peanut dipping sauce was something out of this world. It was extremely thick and tasted like it was mixed with caramel. I have never had such amazing peanut sauce. It definitely was the highlight of the meal.

For the main course I went with the pad thai. It looked beautiful. It was colorful with a ton of vegetables and tender chicken. The only thing was, the sauce was actually kid of gross.  This made me sad because it had so much potential. The vegetables, chicken and shrimp were all good, but the sauce just wasn’t. My fiance got the curry pho.  He said he liked the noodles, but the broth was not very good.  Maybe they just need to get the sauces down and then these dishes could be great. I am going to give it another try and get the kung pao broken rice bowl. A friend got that and said that the dish was really good. I will go for that on the next go around. My initial thought it that this place just isn’t that good. The service on the other hand was amazing.








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