Timberline Grill at Ameristar

I honestly had never heard of Timberline Grill until I attended a Yelp event for dinner one night. The restaurant is decorated as a beautiful cabin like steakhouse with a great atmosphere. I love the feeling you get when you walk in. It welcomes you.

We were set up with a menu that is not typically offered on their regular dinner menu, but I can speak to the food that we tried and it was amazing! They provided a wine pairing with each course and walked you through each wine and dish. Some dishes I was skeptical about because the ingredients didn’t seem like they would work, but they did.

I couldn’t have asked for better service. The chef came out and spoke about picking each item and how it was prepared, The sommelier was there to also explain each wine and how it brings out certain flavors in the dish. Great presentation and fantastic service. I will definitely come back to Timberline Grill. Thank you for a fantastic evening.



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