Cochino Taco

I got to do a media event at Cochino and this was my first time there.  I had been meaning to go for a while, but this gave me the perfect reason to go.

I am a HUGE fan of Cochino Taco.  Great location, fantastic staff and the food is phenomenal! I feel like they can’t go wrong. I recently tried the brunch that they just rolled out and highly suggest checking it out. My favorite is the carnitas taco was scrambled eggs. The flavors all come together in a well seasoned, messy, flavorful breakfast taco. The chicken and churros are a great spin on chicken and waffles. Delish! The cocktails are also flowing like water there.  I love the variety of cocktails available on the menu and they are willing to make anything that you would suggest. If you are feeling a bit crazy, or just love tequila, try the Dirty Sanchez. You won’t regret it! Thanks Cochino for being so fantastic!



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