Top of Waikiki Restaurant

We took a sunset cruise one evening after we got married earlier in the day. After the cruise, we saw that Top of Waikiki had happy hour and a great location for the family to enjoy some drinks and bites. We waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes for a table to become available. Once something became available, the hostess walked up to my husband and asked if he was wearing board shorts. He stated yes, and she then called someone else over from the restaurant. The other employee said yes they are board shorts.The hostess then said she can’t serve us because he was wearing board shorts. She then suggested that he go down to H&M and buy some cheap shorts so that we can be seated. I am sorry, but your location is off the beach in HAWAII and you don’t allow board shorts? I understand having a dress code, but at least either have it posted or say something when we first came up to your counter. Also, don’t be rude about it. You lost a table of 10 for that evening and a forever customer. I don’t see how wearing board shorts effects how much money we will spend in your establishment.


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