Flaming Joe’s Seafood in Aurora

At first, based on some reviews, I thought this place was going to be like Yabby Hut or the Asian Cajun. It’s not. This is different. I mean it scratches an itch if you are feeling like going in arms deep into some spicy garlic crab legs or shrimp, but it is not the same concept. This is a sports bar that serves awesome seafood.

The place is much larger than it looks outside. They have plenty of seating and tons of TVs to watch any sports game. The bar has great options for some craft beer and a full bar. The drinks are well priced. I feel like pitchers of beer are the best deal. They have only been open for about 2 weeks so I am sure they are still working out some kinks.. My only complaint was that they seem to be out of a few things. I wanted crab legs, but they didn’t have any at the time. The shrimp is a bit overpriced per pound and it was not a market price. That was the set price. I ended up ordering 3 pounds of crawfish in their cajun seasoning with a couple potatoes. It was awesome! Great flavor, just the right amount of spice and excellent service. Jennifer was our server and she was super helpful. She was great with suggestions and checking in to make sure we had everything we needed. I feel lke once they work out their kinks, it will be a great place!



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