Pho 7

I am always looking for new pho places to check out. We found Pho 7 on Yelp and decided to go check it out. It is settled in a crappy looking run down shopping strip on Hampden near a strip club. Many people would be turned off by that alone, but that makes me think… Continue reading Pho 7

Acero on South Broadway

I cannot rave enough about this beautiful restaurant! First the decor is amazing. The front patio is very inviting squeezed between other shops and such on South Broadway. The inside reminds me of home so much (Tucson). The colors are vibrant and beautiful decorations everywhere.  They have a couple of patios and 3 levels to… Continue reading Acero on South Broadway

Lil’ Abner’s Steakhouse

I lived in Tucson for 25 years and moved to Colorado. I have never actually heard of Lil Abner’s until we were planning my dad’s birthday and the family wanted to have the dinner at Lil Abner’s. The place is very western style with bench seating. Very casual, which I love. The menu is small… Continue reading Lil’ Abner’s Steakhouse

Marcella’s Ristorante in the LoHi

This restaurant is absolutely beautiful! The location is prime in the lower Highlands right off the highway and super easy to get to. The view of downtown Denver is gorgeous! I love the setting of the patio overlooking the city. We were seated inside but the windows were open and the heater was blasting so… Continue reading Marcella’s Ristorante in the LoHi

Domo Japanese Restaurant

This place is definitely an experience. I really didn’t know what to expect going into the place except that people rave about the food. First of all, they don’t split checks. That caught me off guard, but with technology like Venmo, we can make that work. The decor is beautiful. I recommend walking around the… Continue reading Domo Japanese Restaurant

Villagran On Alameda

I had the pleasure of dining at an excellent new Mexican restaurant last night with some foodie friends. We were happily greeted at the door and immediately offered cocktails. I enjoyed a house margarita as well as the mango margarita with Tajin around the rim and hot sauce mixed with the margarita. Absolutely delicious! I… Continue reading Villagran On Alameda

Zeps EPIQ Sandwiches

This place has stolen my heart! I am seriously in love. I tried the Italian sandwich and was blown away.  It was probably the best Italian I have ever had. The staff was great and super friendly.  LOVE their rewards program. Great reason to keep going back. I feel like I am going to be… Continue reading Zeps EPIQ Sandwiches