Los Tacos Famous Taqueria

Have you ever wanted a surprise taco? I mean a taco with some surprise meat? Ha ha, well they have that at Los Tacos and if you can guess the meat correctly, you get a free shot of tequila. I am too much of a chicken to try random meat that I don’t know what… Continue reading Los Tacos Famous Taqueria

Flaming Joe’s Seafood in Aurora

At first, based on some reviews, I thought this place was going to be like Yabby Hut or the Asian Cajun. It’s not. This is different. I mean it scratches an itch if you are feeling like going in arms deep into some spicy garlic crab legs or shrimp, but it is not the same… Continue reading Flaming Joe’s Seafood in Aurora

Whiskey Biscuit

I love this cute new restaurant on South Broadway! Got the chance to meet one of the owners, Aaron, and hear his story about starting the business. I love the decor and vibe that this place gives. The food is fantastic as well. My favorite dish so far is the steak and french toast. Yes,… Continue reading Whiskey Biscuit

Rush Bowls

I love the concept for this restaurant! Great ingredients and super friendly staff. They are great with suggestions and things to mix things up with different bowls. My favorite is the PB and J bowl with bananas on top! They make all of their peanut butter and jam in house and boy is it fantastic!… Continue reading Rush Bowls

Morning Collective

I had the pleasure of enjoying some brunch for dinner at their media event to try things out before they open. I can wrap this up in one word. Yum! The pancake flight was delightful. My favorite was the hazelnut banana. Each pancake is stuffed with something which sets them apart from the pancakes of… Continue reading Morning Collective

Cochino Taco

I got to do a media event at Cochino and this was my first time there.  I had been meaning to go for a while, but this gave me the perfect reason to go. I am a HUGE fan of Cochino Taco.  Great location, fantastic staff and the food is phenomenal! I feel like they… Continue reading Cochino Taco

Timberline Grill at Ameristar

I honestly had never heard of Timberline Grill until I attended a Yelp event for dinner one night. The restaurant is decorated as a beautiful cabin like steakhouse with a great atmosphere. I love the feeling you get when you walk in. It welcomes you. We were set up with a menu that is not… Continue reading Timberline Grill at Ameristar